2018 Sept 25 – 479 Auction Domains

Massive number of domains on today’s list. Including an above average amount of 4L .com, 3C .com and CVCVC 5L .com. I’ve included most of the better and most notable ones.

Overall there are almost 56,000 domains for today’s expiration auctions. The most in several months. I’m guessing things will be picking up from the traditional Summer “quiet time”. It makes sense as all the domains listed today expired 35 days ago. I’m not sure how many lists like this I’ll be able to do going forward. Let this be a reminder that it would really be keep my motivation higher if those of you buying at GoDaddy to use the links below (or in my signature). Not only does it help me, but on some items and new domain registrations you can get upwards of 30% off. Have a great Tuesday! 🙂
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2018 Sept 22 – 401 Auction Domains

Pretty big auction day today. Even the initial auction lists are getting noticeably bigger the last week or so. My guess is that with expired domains going to auction 35 days after expiration that these uptick in auction domains is a result of the original registrations taking place as things started to pick up at the end of summer in previous years (when each domain was initially registered by their original owners. Anyhow .. I need some sleep before work .. have a great weekend everyone! 🙂
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2018 Sept 21 – 342 Auction Domains

Another rather average day like yesterday. I’ve been super tired lately so that’s definitely part of it as it’s harder to concentrate on scrolling through thousands of names when all you want to do is pass out and sleep. Also another day with a huge number of “traffic” domains (vast majority of which I didn’t post). Definitely take the time to check out multiple sources for the stats of any domain you’re possibly interested in.

I’m working later today (tomorrow in my mind), so posting now so I can sleep in a bit. Have a good end to your weeks everyone! 🙂
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