2019 Mar 17 – 496 Closeout Domain Names

I know I had a couple of days this week with a slightly lower number of domains, but to have my closeouts list at below 500 names based on over 2100 pre-auction is a very high ratio. My auctions lists obviously do have a lot of good names, but I also list a lot of borderline and interest names. I’m very surprised to see that about 77% are being grabbed .. add to that likely a couple dozen more will still be taken before they reach the end of closeout and we’re looking at about 4 out of 5 domains. That would be a percentage I’d expect from a more refined cherry-picked list of maybe 100 or less domains a day. Maybe some of the big portfolio players are using my list and sucking up a lot of the names
(PS: to you big players .. it would be nice if you used my affiliate links or hire me to make you exclusive lists .. lol)

Happy St Patrick’s Day to all lovers of green beer!
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2019 Mar 16 – 441 Auction Domain Names

Montreal FINALLY had a nice day yesterday that reached about 10c degrees (50f). So I finally managed to get a decent walk with Steamie. He even lost a boot at some point on our journey as there was slush and ice melt everywhere. As we were walking I was checking my email and had a couple correspondences with a GoDaddy “Domain Buy Service” agent who had been assigned to a potential buyer who wanted one of my domains.

It turns out it’s the second time the buyer used the service to buy the same domain. Unfortunately for him he let it expire, and obviously, without knowing the history behind the ownership of the domain, I grabbed it at GoDaddy auctions because I thought it was a solid domain.

The initial opening offer was $500 which I refused before getting the details of the buyer. I hadn’t even priced the domain yet, and while I want to say I was thinking of putting it at $8888, part of that amount could have been biased by knowing there’s someone who wants it already. I think realistically I was hoping for best case $5000.

The next real offer that came in was in the low $xxxx range (a few days ago). Which I felt was a fair first offer. It was at this point that I also knew the buyer was the previous owner. So I found myself in the ethical dilemma of what to do with the domain and had to figure out just how badly I felt for the guy. I also need to consider that if I let it go a bit cheaper, not only am I getting a little Karma, but more tangibly, I’m getting a guaranteed resell of a domain at a significant mark-up that I only owned a very short period of time (not much more than a month).

However .. the domain was in the gambling niche, so I told myself I didn’t necessarily need to be overly sorry or generous as the domain has potential to make money. So I told myself I’d say no to the first (real) offer and then be happy with the second offer.

Despite the buyer seemingly being in a rush, I hadn’t heard back from the agent in a couple of days. So i wrote him saying it would be great if we could close it before the week-end. He must have made a call, because a second offer arrived in my email near the end of our walk, and I accepted it. In the few hours since the “Payment has been verified” and the domain transferred out of my account. (I won’t mention the domain until the money is in my account)

I’m happy because the guy paid potentially quite a bit less then he could have .. while at the same time I made a super quick flip .. plus now I can buy little Steamie new boots so we can take big walks without worrying too much about all the left over salt harming his little paws!

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