2019 July 02 – 460 Auction Domain Names

A little less names on the master auction list today so last night I took some time to streamline my process a bit because my PC is really slow when I’m working on my daily lists (my excel sheets are actually quite complex). It’s the 3rd or 4th time I do this and I managed to smarten some more code. But in the end simply turning off auto-complete did wonders for my lag on the large files I’m working on. Hopefully it will mean a bit more extra time going forward.

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2019 July 02 – 851 Closeout Domain Names

Here are Tuesday’s closeouts. I almost forgot to post here as usually I set it up to post at 10 or 10:30am, but last night I was gutting some of my rather complex Excel equations trying to make my PC a little quicker. Anyhow, I found a couple of things slowing me down (both in my code and in my settings), so hopefully I’ll be a bit more efficient going forward (after today .. lol).

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