2019 Sept 01 – 514 Auction Domain Names

I love holidays for domaining! With it being Labour Day Weekend for a lot of people, that tends to mean less competition for domains at auction! Which in turn means cheaper domains and sometimes a higher likelihood of grabbing a few really good ones at closeout!

As those of you who have been following me for a while will know, my life has been pretty chaotic lately balancing my real job (non-Internet related), my flooding/insurance issues, old business issues, my knee problems, taking little Steamie for HUGE walk, domaining and also doing these lists! Which made for a lot of late days posting these lists … but today is an exception .. I’m late today because I was grabbing some of those great domains that otherwise would have been very expensive.

Anyhow .. hope you’re all having a great day and long week if you have one!

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