20180813 – 435 Auction Domains

Slowly getting a bit more into the new routine. Remember that everything is searchable below. If you search for “12y” you’ll get all 12 year old domains. If you search for “Crypto” you’ll get all the domains I’ve tagged with crypto (including domains with coin, wallet and other crypto terms). The only issue is that the age field sorts 9 to 1 and then 23 to 10 .. I might need to remove the “y”.

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20180813 – 809 Closeout Domains

Remember that you can both search and sort the list below. To show only $5 closeouts simple do a search for $5. Or to only see Crypto related domains do a search for “Crypto”. For “Traffic” names click on the domain in question and you’ll see the traffic stats directly at GoDaddy. Have a great week everyone! When sorting by age because I added the y at the end of the number it seems to be sorting as a string instead of a number, so the current order is 9 –> 1, then the oldest –> 10, then 0 (domains with 0 age are more often than not domains where the age wasn’t available, you can do a whois search to be sure).

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20180811 – 388 Auction Domains

Quite a few Canna and Crypto domains today it seems. Cannabis legalisation in Canada officially arrives October 17th. Provinces are still setting the final details of how they will apply their own versions of the laws in terms of sales. Quite a few businesses have started to get ready, but I think the majority are still waiting to see all the final details before moving forward. Today’s Crypto names include a few strong GEOs .. haven’t really seen that before.

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