2019 Jan 02 – 377 Auction Domain Names

As mentioned when I posted today’s closeouts. A huge percentage of domains from my lists have been taken from my list at auction before they ever make it to my closeout list. For type of domains you used to be able to get at closeout, I suggest you start paying attention to their auctions. Still some good ones make it through the cracks .. but not nearly as good or as many as before 2-3 weeks ago when this started.
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2019 Jan 02 – 553 Closeout Domain Names

For the last two weeks or so there seems to be someone who is buying ALL .com domain names from my list with a GoDaddy valuation of above $1600. It’s really affecting the quality of available closeouts. I definitely recommend those of you looking for solid names to track them at auction, sometimes people put in the initial $12 in advance, but then don’t come back to bid again if you beat their bit in the last few minutes of the auction. This is good in a way in that there’s more wholesale demand on domains, meaning that in theory there’s more liquidity and liquidation value for your portfolio .. but obviously it also means that it costs a bit more to get acquisitions.
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2019 Jan 01 – 413 Auction Domain Names

I think this is the first New Years in my adult life that I did absolutely nothing. I made a nice yummy Pulled Pork Poutine to share with Steamie (so that I can claim to be eating better in 2019), and then we crashed out. I woke up a little late, but my new resolution is just to relax and focis on Steamie and myself a bit more. 2018 was an extremely challenging year for me with the flooding and on going insurance frustrations, health issues (my knees, my mom’s big operation) and a bunch of other things that all added up to a huge stressball. In theory not too much has changed, but I’m still looking forward to an improving 2019. After some nice domain sales in 2018 despite not pricing all my domains nor being listed at all the marketplaces, I’m very optimistic about my portfolio in 2019. As for this blog .. I’m slowly figuring out how to change things so that it actually is worth my time. At the moment clearly almost none of you click on the affiliate links (just click on the domains in the list before you bid or buy at GoDaddy). I’ve started to ask why I bother helping everyone out when almost noone but a select super-minority even bother to show any thanks or gratitude .. the time I spend doing the lists is time I could be spending on my own sales or spending with family or friends or playing/walking Steamie. I think I really needed New Years just to make all that clearer. Anyhow .. I’m not ending the lists just yet .. but I definitely will be changing things around to give preference to those of you who actually use my links (NOTE: be sure to keep your Order ID numbers, as that’s all I need to confirm your purchases).

Anyhow .. today’s list got a little long, so I didn’t have time to write much in terms of my overall New Years in the world of domains … I’ll try to get to it in the days ahead .. in the meantime I hope you all have an amazing 2019 filled with domain success, good health and happy moments with friends and family! 🙂
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2019 Jan 01 – 510 Closeout Domain Names

Here are Tuesday’s closeouts a little early. Fells weird writing 2019 .. feels like 2018 barely started a couple of weeks ago.

Domaining was just about the only thing to go well for me in 2018. As for the rest, it’s been a real disaster with my flooding (and ongoing insurance issues), knee issues, mother’s operation, Steamie being sick, and a couple other things I’m not going to get into on here. I’m glad it’s over and am looking forward to 2019.

On that note, once again I’ll wish each of you a fantastic 2019 full of good health, good times and good domain sales! 🙂
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2018 Dec 31 – 377 Auction Domain Names

I think my new years resolution is going to be to go to bed earlier … lol. Who am I kidding .. that’s not going to happen! Seriously though, support from people actually clicking and using the links in my lists has actually gone down lately, so my actually resolution should be to stop doing the blog and lists to instead focus on my own portfolio. That being said, I think I’m going to give it a longer, although I’m definitely going to be making some changes to give preferential treatment to those who actually use my affiliate links when they make purchases at GoDaddy. I really do enjoy doing the blog and making/sharing the lists .. I just need to figure out a way to actually make it worth my time.

Anyhow … wishing each of you a fantastic New Years and a prosperous 2019!

All the best!
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