20180823 – 606 Auction Domains

I’m posting a bit earlier than usual as it’s super huge auction list for all of you today. Just a little update on this actual site. I’ll be turning comments on eventually, I’m still very low on free time with all my condo flooding issues, and walking Steamie, and work, etc. I’ll also be setting up a newsletter where you can get the lists directly to your email. It’s all a very slow work in progress.

A big part of today’s list is because today is the day expired anniversary .co domains go to auction. Several 3L and one-word one-term .co’s on today’s list. Remember to use the search feature, or click the little triangles in the table header to change the sorting. Expect to see an elevated number of higher quality .co coming to auction in the next few days. Also, like last couple of days, about 30 4L .biz domains, almost all with a bid.
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20180819 – 340 Auction Domains

So I survived my friends’ wedding. Got home rather late but still gave Steamie a 2.5+ hour walk after getting back very late. So was a little slow to start the day today. Next up, going to take the little guy out for a huge day outside .. I think I need it as well. Still living in a mountain of boxes with no hot water. Hopefully get some answers on Monday! Til then, enjoy the end of your weekends everyone!
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