2024 Mar 05 – 802 Auction Domain Names

Well, seems as if it’s been 3.5 years since I last posted an auction list. Looking below it’s fairly obvious as well, as it’s not as organized as I had them in the past. If I keep doing the lists I’ll be sure to add the auction end times and number of bids like I did in the past. For now it is what it is (better than nothing and you get what you pay for .. lol).

NOTE: This list is chronological, so names will no longer show on auction after the auction ends.  Some with no bids will switch to closeout where you can buy them as a first day closeout at $50, or risk waiting a few days to get them cheaper as their price drops every day down to $5 on the 5th and final day.

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2024 Mar 04 – 4204 Closeout Domains

My mom got out of the hospital yesterday, and considering it was a very intrusive hip replacement, it’s going relatively well despite being in hospital an extra few days. My uncle is staying with her the first few days, so while I’ll obviously still be visiting, I won’t be staying there until after my uncle leaves, which gives me a bit of time to do more lists!

Here are today’s $5 to $50 (yesterday’s $5 have been removed and today’s $50 have been added). I’ve added 20-25 of today’s auctions with only 1 bid for you to check out as well.

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2024 Mar 03 – 4077 Closeout Domains

My mom should be getting out of the hospital today, so I’m adding both today’s $40 and $50 closeouts, as I likely won’t have time tonight to get things ready for a list tomorrow.

BIG REMINDER: These domains are pretty much from my initial “quick glance scan”. There are certainly some hidden gems, but be sure to do a complete verification for spelling, grammar, common-sense, trademarks, usability, and actual value.

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2024 Mar 02 – 2910 Closeout Domains

Spent the day yesterday between mom at the hospital (still recovering from her hip replacement) and dad/step-mother at their residence so unfortunately wasn’t able to do a session of The Domain Social yesterday.

My mom should be getting out tomorrow and my uncle is taking the first week while I’ll be taking the 2nd. Obviously I’ll still be visiting her at home the first week, but I should have time to maybe do a social both on Monday and Friday this week.

I already pulled out the new ($40) names added to today’s list a couple of nights ago, so I honestly forget how good today’s list is. I did manage to grab 5 fantastic ones yesterday while in the hospital, so hopefully there’s still a bunch left for you all to grab! 🙂

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2024 Feb 29 – 2187 Closeout Domains

I had too much going on personally yesterday to put up a list. Today’s a bit crazy as well, but I should be able to put up a list (with lots of new names) in about an hour or so (likely around or slightly after noon Eastern Time).

UPDATE: Put up the $5 and $11 closeouts earlier. I just added the $30 closeouts. Given everything going on, that’s it for today as I need to head back to the hospital to visit my mom (some minor complications to her hip replacement is extending her stay there, it’s a lot of short term pain for hopefully long term gain, she’s taking it pretty well, but I’ll be happy when she’s out, and more importantly, walking again).

Unless something goes wrong, I should be hosting “Talking Domains” tonight on ClubHouse at 6pm Eastern, be sure to join us. I’m not 100% sure yet, but I’ll likely cancel tomorrow’s session of The Domain Social as I just have too much going on with my family health situations. I’ll send out an email tonight either way.

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2024 Feb 27 – 3715 Closeout Domains

For those asking, my mom’s hip replacement operation went according to plan. I’ll be with her quite a bit next couple of weeks and dealing with the other ongoing family health issues with my father and step-mother. I have some advice for all of you … DON’T GET OLD!

While the whole situation sucks, as I wrote that I thought to myself that that would make a great phrase domain. Plus it sounded familiar. Sure enough .. I own the .com (… and just upped the price)!

Have a healthy day everyone!

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