2018 Nov 12 – 800 Closeout Domain Names

Had a very busy last few days taking care of my mum after her operation. So that obviously meant a little unpredictability in terms of posting lists. I wasn’t able to gather/process Sunday’s closeouts on her old laptop, so if you usually only check the $11 closeouts, then be sure to also check the $10 closeouts listed below because they are obviously the $11 closeouts from 24 hours ago.
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2018 Nov 08 – 643 Closeout Domain Names

Here are Thursday’s closeouts. Please remember to use my links to go to auction/closeout listings (or at least once so that it’s in their system). Thanks! 🙂

IMPORTANT: Due to Arizona and GoDaddy not having daylight savings time, some of the times listed might be off by an hour. Pay particular attention to the $5 closeouts and be sure to get any you want at least an hour before the time indicated.
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