2019 Mar 10 – 513 Auction Domain Names

VERY IMPORTANT: I forgot to alter my Excel coding to compensate for Daylight Savings Time. It’s too late to fix for today, so be aware that most (not all) auctions will be showing one hour earlier than they actually finish. Basically if you like a name, click on it to go to the actual auction page to get the correct auction end time!

VERY IMPORTANT 2: Unfortunately before noticing that, last night I also tinkered with a few other things (mostly table spacing and look), so if you’re experiencing ANY difficulties at all please let me know in the comments below or contact me directly.
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2019 Mar 09 – 492 Auction Domain Names

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I hadn’t worked in a few days so my knees were really calm. I managed to get ahead 1.5 days with the lists (like today, TONS more names the next 2 days at least).

TIMING NOTE: I’m also happy that Daylight Savings Time starts tomorrow. Because GoDaddy is based in the state of Arizona where they don’t switch for daylight savings time, everybody in the world who does have daylight savings time will get an extra hour (to sleep) before auctions start. BE CAREFUL .. if you live in a place where Daylight Savings Time starts at a different date, the auctions times listed below might be different for you tomorrow than it is today. At the moment all times I list are based on Eastern Time Zone (Montreal, New York, Miami).
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2019 Mar 09 – 773 Closeout Domain Names

Here are Saturday’s closeouts. For those of you who haven’t noticed yet, I’ve been trying to get closeouts posted consistently at 9am Eastern time. No promises, but if I get them done before bed I’ll set them to 9am (Eastern Time Zone = Montreal, New York City). It might change in the future. Those who want priority access, eventually I’m going to start a newsletter, which will likely be mailed out first to faithful visitors who use my affiliate links .. still trying to figure it all out .. might be a little while yet before I start with the newsletters! lol
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2019 Mar 08 – 771 Closeout Domain Names

NOTICE: At some point in the not too distant future I hope to be doing a bit more writing and talking about domains that sold, etc. As a courtesy to those of you who use my affiliate links (to help me feed Steamie), if ever you don’t want me to publish info about domains you bought, please contact me PRIVATELY (omit @ name cult dot com) listing the domains(s) and GoDaddy transaction number(s), and I’ll do my best to make sure your domains are omitted from any list or discussion.

And a BIG THANKS to all of you who support my time and effort by clicking my links! 🙂
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2019 Mar 07 – 369 Auction Domain Names

Things in my life are beyond chaotic these days. I really wish I could be a little more entertaining here, but it’s insurance issues, still with my flood, my knees, work, an old side-business issue and bla bla bla … It’s just sucking the energy right out of me. Good news is that today seems like it’s going to be the last bone chilling day of the winter. It’s still going to be cold .. but not stupid cold! Will soon be time to take nice long relaxing walks with Steamie again! 🙂
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2019 Mar 06 – 459 Auction Domain Names

It seems as we progress into the new year there’s more and more names in the auctions (Remember today’s auctions expired 35 days ago and therefore were originally registered around February 1st). It’s taking me more time to make the lists, but obviously finding more names to share. The timing seems perfect as Daylight Saving’s Time is already this weeked, so I’ll have an extra hour to put up the lists (or more likely I’ll stop being an hour late .. lol). I wish GoDaddy did DST as well so we’d have that extra hour all year .. damn you Arizona! lol .. .Anyhow .. here are today’s domain names at auction …
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