2018 Oct 08 – 838 Closeout Domain Names

Posting closeouts super early once again. I hope you all find the timing helpful and that you’re able to get the domain names before anyone else! 🙂

Interestingly enough, not a single one of the expired 3L .me domains were picked up at auction today. Looks like someone playing the liquid market game just got caught holding the bag.

Happy Thanksgiving to all fellow Canadians and all those celebrating! 🙂
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2018 Oct 07 – 365 Auction Domain Names (+150)

I slept a ton last night .. one of those sleeps where you wake up on the couch with the TV on and you have no clue if you slept for 6 or 12 hours! lol

Anyhow … there are an extra 150 3L .me domains today. I figured I’d use them to explore the tables a bit and see if I can put two separate tables on the page. Aside from that it’s a pretty average day for auctions. Considering it’s a holiday you all might find names for cheaper because Canadian domainers took the weekend off to be with their families (it’s Thanksgiving over here).

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2018 Oct 06 – 310 Auction Domain Names

Here is Saturday’s auction list. Over the last week or so there were some weird LLNNN.com type domains with a lot of bids (none today that I listed). I’m guessing they have Chinese significance given how high some of them ended up going at auction. I just want to use that as a reminder that while I mostly list domains that are above average, I also post domains that are simply interesting to note (I actually don’t recommend anyone buy LLNNN, or any other type of domain they don’t understand the underlying market for .. in this case the Chinese liquid domain market).

There is another block of domains that I add to my lists that I think have a good chance of being good value buys. But obviously there is no way for me to know their final price when I create these lists (before the auctions finish), so there are definitely some domains that I think would be great wholesale buys at $20-30 or less, but end up going well above that into higher prices that might not necessarily be worth buying as a domainer who will need to sell it at a high multiple to offset renewals of domains not sold.

So always keep those things in mind, in that just because a name is on the list, does not mean that you should necessarily buy it. Always take time to research the names to be sure the data is correct, and more importantly that it actually has underlying value beyond just the statistics and data.

That being said .. a lot of them certainly are great domains .. so get to it .. go through the list below and find the best ones .. click the domain to get to the auction page .. and get the ones you think have the best resell potential! 🙂
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