2018 Oct 20 – 454 Auction Domain Names

Another nice day for auctions. Even better that it’s on the weekend when it seems there are a few less people bidding. In the world of domains it’s pretty much impossible to control how big a buyer’s wallet is and know for sure what kind of budget a future buyer will have. However the one thing you do have full control over is your own wallet. Just as important as making sure you buy quality re-sellable domains, is that you buy them at a low enough price that the few you buy each year will at least cover the costs of renewals of the ones you don’t sell.

I personally don’t agree with most big name domainers telling you to buy the best domains you can. Saying just that leaves out one of the biggest parts of not just the domaining business, but every business. You need to buy your inventory at a low enough price so that you can eventually make some profit. The difference in the world of domains, is that even the portfolios with the best domains priced reasonably, will still only sell a small fraction of their portfolio .. as such you need to buy low enough so that for the domains you do buy, you’ll get a significant profit/multiple. The basic concept of buy low and sell is more important in the world of domains than just about any other business in the world.

What’s good about buying domains at auction on the weekend, is that with less people bidding, your acquisition prices can often be lower. Certainly not always, as in the end it just takes one other person who really wants the same domain(s) as you to drive up the price. But with less people online, your chances are certainly better to find something cheaper on Sunday than you would the same domain if it went to auction on a Wednesday.

Never buy any domain .. even the very best domains, unless the price is right! That being said .. the difficult part is figuring out what that right price is!? lol .. But that’s a significantly longer and more complex discussion! 😉

Anyhow .. have a great weekend everyone!
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2018 Oct 18 – 423 Auction Domain Names

This week has really been up and down. Yesterday and 3 days ago were 2 of the best days ever. While today and 2 days ago were a little average at best. At first I struggled to get enough names for a full list, but eventually lower into the 50,000 domain long expiration list I found some good names. Not as good as yesterday, but still some worth getting for sure. Hope you find some good ones! 🙂
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2018 Oct 17 – 524 Auction Domain Names

After a bit of a lower day yesterday in terms of quality, today is again back to being a huge day with some great domain names I think you should be able to get at good value. Definitely take extra time to go through the list twice, and please remember to use the links to go directly to the auction listings where you can add them directly to your favourite list or place a bid right away. Using the links really go a very long way to making sure I make time to keep doing and sharing these lists.

I ended up going to the doctor yesterday morning, turns out I have tendinitis! Really sucks for little Steamie as I won’t be able to give him his usual monster walks! Hopefully it will get better soon, I actually don’t know much about tendinitis (going to google it after posting today’s list), it was my first trip to the doctor in a few years, part of what made the day so long was that I also had to go renew my medicare card. I really am extremely to be living in Canada! Today I need to go get the medication and bring the paperwork to work as I’ll probably be off a few days.

Note that with the time off, I’m going to try to get started on some wholesale listings and/or auctions!

Anyhow, I’ll end with that, as you all really need to take some time to go through the lists as it’s a really good day for expired domain auctions!
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2018 Oct 16 – 393 Auction Domain Names

Almost 400 names on my list today, but a bit of a step down from the solid day yesterday was. As there is every day though, still a few gems to be found! I’m posting this a bit early and then heading to the clinic to get my knee checked out. I did sleep a few hours, but not used to starting my day so early! In theory I work later so will be very burnt tonight .. at least I’m off tomorrow! Have a good day everyone!
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