2018 Oct 12 – 1006 Closeout Domains

Absolutely huge number of domains on today’s closeout list. 300 at $5 due to a bunch of 3L .me’s (about 150 I think) that were on auction a few days ago. Plus a unusually large number of $11 closeouts because I went through a larger portion of the closeout list than usual for today’s expiring auctions (Thursday).

The default sort is with the $5 closeouts at top .. but just click the sort triangles next to the $$ at the top of the table to put the $11 closeouts on top! 🙂

Now get to it .. happy domain name hunting! 🙂
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2018 Oct 11 – 473 Auction Domain Names

My knee really went out on me yesterday, so after work I totally crashed out. Eventually woke up and was in a bit of a zombie mode and ended up going super deep into the lists. As a result I’ve listed 473 domains at auction today. If that’s too many for you to plow through, always remember that I tag the most notable ones in a easy to search way. Simply go to the table below and click the little sort triangle for the column with the asterisk (*) and they will all be sorted by that field. Remember that by most notable I do not mean most expensive. By notable I mean the ones I think could make for the best value and names I think might pass under the radar that you can get for cheap even by wholesale standards. Anyhow .. get searching .. it’s a really big list! 🙂
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2018 Oct 10 – 322 Auction Domain Names

A little spike in domains with bids today. The last few days there were under 400 a few hours before auction start time. Today there are over 500. A fair number of numerics as well including 111818.com which is already at $3000 (certainly not my bid .. lol)! Also interesting is the only 2 year old domain TheSite.com already at $8800. That being said .. as usual .. I still managed to find tons of interesting domains with no or few bids. Hope you find some of interest! 🙂
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2018 Oct 09 – 368 Auction Domain Names

When I search through the expiration lists, usually the last type of domains I scan are those with bids (that’s why I try not to post too early as I like the data to be fresh when the auctions day starts). The one thing I’ve noticed is the larger than expected proportion of .net domains. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll buy a .net if it’s strong enough and priced well enough, but for the most part I see it as a strong tech focused ngTLD that can no longer be see in the same light as .com or even .org. Today for example, that number was 7%. Which obviously doesn’t seem very high .. but if you think about it .. it actually is as these days I’m pretty sure .net’s count for less than 2% of my buys. In the end these domains likely don’t end up selling too high, so the overall revenue share at auction is more like 1-2%, but still, I just wonder who it is who’s buying these .net domains? I’m guessing there are backlinks and other stats supporting the purchases? But who knows, maybe people are thinking .net will have a bit of a comeback as the whole ngTLD market is still trying to find itself?

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2018 Oct 08 – 321 Auction Domain Names

Yesterday there were 150 3L (3 letter) expired .me domains that went up on auction .. and NONE were taken at auction! Like there was one or two people holding the bag from the liquid rush of a couple years ago. I know some investors like to say it’s smart to invest in liquid domains, but to me, the liquidity aspect of the domain has zero value. Unless you have some inside information as to why the liquididy part will go up in value. Otherwise there’s almost an equal chance the liquid level will go down as the chances of it going up .. even more so after a surge in pricing has already started.

What I do suggest, is that you try to find the top tier of such domains. Domains with multiple meaning and more potential end-users with more potential money than the average of that particular liquid category. Then try to find those premium domains at the regular liquid pricing. But at the end of the day this is the same thing as finding the gems at auction and particularly at closeout that other people have missed.

At the end of the day, as a domainer, you should focus on domains that end users will pay for and USE! If you can’t see a person or business using the domain, then it will likely never sell to an end user at a high enough multiple to cover the renewals for the rest of the domains in your portfolio. So sure if you bought it at liquid pricing you could resell it at liquid pricing, but there’s no guarantee the liquidity will go up .. in fact .. you need for it to go up more than the renewals just to break even. Add to that the waste in time!
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2018 Oct 08 – 838 Closeout Domain Names

Posting closeouts super early once again. I hope you all find the timing helpful and that you’re able to get the domain names before anyone else! 🙂

Interestingly enough, not a single one of the expired 3L .me domains were picked up at auction today. Looks like someone playing the liquid market game just got caught holding the bag.

Happy Thanksgiving to all fellow Canadians and all those celebrating! 🙂
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