2019 Aug 27 – 499 Auction Domain Names

Little Steamie had a pretty intense allergic reaction very late last night .. so going to be spending the day chilling with my little buddy in the sun somewhere.

Yesterday I lost a couple of really good names because of GoDaddy’s ongoing technical issues .. it’s really getting to be a frustrating problem. Lots of good names today .. hopefully everything will be working normally.

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2019 Aug 26 – 550 Auction Domain Names

Wow .. what I was going to write today is EXACTLY the same as two days ago .. slept in a bit .. good list .. GoDaddy technical problems … repeat!

From 2 days ago: “Sorry for the delay today. Part of it was that I slept in a little bit .. but I lost a big chunk of time trying to get a couple of names but running into GoDaddy Auctions problems! Aside from that, today is a great day for expired auction domains .. hopefully you aren’t getting the same issues that I am!”

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