2018 Nov 16 – 757 Closeout Domain Names

I’m curious to look back at the stats, but it seems like I was correct about the quality of today’s names being a little lower than usual. With a large percentage (58%) of today’s auction list still available at closeout, that means only 42% of the domains I listed were taken so far. It feels good to be able to see the big picture and be able to predict the market. Anyhow .. still a handful of decent ones left .. plus a few good ones from earlier days now at $5, $8, $9 and $10 closeout!
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2018 Nov 15 – 353 Auction Domain Names

I started going through the expiration lists last night and wasn’t finding much in terms of quality, so I figured I was really burnt and just went to sleep thinking I’d find better stuff after some sleep. But then I woke up a little earlier and went through a far larger portion of the expiration lists than usual .. but still struggled to find the usual quality. Looking at today’s list, although like every day there are indeed a few hidden gems, the overall quality is noticeable below normal. If ever you needed to take a day off from domaining, this would be the day!
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2018 Nov 12 – 800 Closeout Domain Names

Had a very busy last few days taking care of my mum after her operation. So that obviously meant a little unpredictability in terms of posting lists. I wasn’t able to gather/process Sunday’s closeouts on her old laptop, so if you usually only check the $11 closeouts, then be sure to also check the $10 closeouts listed below because they are obviously the $11 closeouts from 24 hours ago.
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