2018 Sept 02 – 655 Closeout Domains

I try to wait as long as possible in the morning to post the Domains at Auction list so that the number of bids is as up to date as possible. But I don’t have that factor with the closeouts list so I can post them earlier. The earlier the better for all of you as you get more time to buy them before anyone else (all the losers who don’t read my blog .. lol). I’m still trying to figure out when to post closeouts, but it’s nice having one less thing to worry about in the morning.
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2018 Sept 01 – 336 Auction Domains

Yesterday I recycled my old Commodore 64! I spent hundreds if not thousands of hours on that thing, but hadn’t touched it in well over 20 years. I’ve gotten really good at not acquiring too many new things .. but it still is hard getting rid of old stuff. Over the last few days I also catalogued and tossed out a bunch of old comic books that got damaged in the flooding. Some old 1980’s Spiderman and X-Men and some other cool valuable ones. I hadn’t touched them in just as long as my C64. So moved them all 2-3 times between places I’ve lived since. One part of me feels a little good getting rid of some clutter .. but the other side of me is nostalgic and is upset at losing part of my youth.

I think a lot of us domainers likely have a very similar connection to our domains. Where some of them we know will never be used by anyone .. yet we still hang on to them and renew them instead of letting them drop. I’ve been “officially” domaining almost 2 years now, and let some of my earliest acquisitions drop almost a year ago. It’s getting to the point where I’m still happy with most of my acquisitions from last year at this time and I’m letting almost no domains drop anymore. After yesterday I hope Continue reading “2018 Sept 01 – 336 Auction Domains”

20180831 – 311 Auction Domains

I’m finally a couple of days ahead with list scanning. I’m off today and this weekend but have soooo much to take care of it’s insane. More condo cleaning and throwing old things out, tons of paper work. AND .. hopefully getting my portfolio organisation up to date and refreshing my listings.

Portfolio organisation is probably my biggest weakness as a domainer. What’s worse is that it’s much easier than everything else I do for all of you when I do the lists, but it’s just something about my system that makes it hard to get started as each time I seem to need to get my feet wet and remember what I did last time (my excel sheets are pretty extensive and complex .. lol).

My next step is I’m going to start wholesaling some domains. I’m going to think about it this weekend, but I might even do some batch lot auctions as I’m slowly creeping up to 2000 domains again .. when in fact my new years resolution last year was to get down to 1000! lol .. I seriously envy Michael Cyger who’s now down to 40 (great) domains in his portfolio. I don’t know if I’d ever want to go that low, but I certainly do want the extra time that gives him!

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20180830 – 335 Auction Domains

Another work day. Was nice posting today’s closeouts earlier last night, makes my mornings a little less crazy and more importantly gives you all more time to go through the names and get them before anyone else. I’ll try to keep it up in the future. As for today’s names, some good ones hidden in there. Things have gone back to normal after the .co rush, I was really surprised at how many were taken over the last week! I guess it’s a good sign for AltTLD’s!
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