2018 Dec 24 – 336 Auction Domain Names

Happy Christmas Eve to all who celebrate .. I hope Santa brings you lots of great domains! 🙂

I’ve noticed something weird .. ALL .com closeouts on my list with a GoDaddy valuation of over $1600 have been taken for the last week or so. Unfortunately that people doesn’t seem to have clicked on my affiliate links or I would certainly be having a very Merry Christmas! lol

Please note, that I would never advice anyone to just blanket purchase a whole set of domains based solely on automated appraisals .. Unless you’re selling them at a combined overall profit .. but I don’t think that would be very sustainable. Anyhow .. if you do buy tons of domains like that .. please do be sure to click my links! lol
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2018 Dec 24 – 565 Closeout Domain Names

Here are Tomorrow’s (Monday’s) closeouts, figured many of you would be busy with family tomorrow so with being off today and working the next couple of day I figured would be helpful to all of you to post the closeouts as early as possible.

Today’s (Sunday) auctions was a nice day. Despite wanting to reduce the size of my portfolio, I grabbed 3 excellent domains. Still a few left at closeout. Happy Holidays everyone! 🙂
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2018 Dec 23 – 424 Auction Domain Names

I hoping to get today’s list out a little earlier, but I kept on finding nice domains to share (and a small few gems to keep for myself .. lol). Take advange .. the combination of a quality day COMBINED with the fact a lot of people are away because of Sunday plus the holidays means you should have a chance to get some great names for much cheaper than usual! Have a good one! 🙂

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2018 Dec 20 – 412 Auction Domain Names

So I finally get up on time to post the auction list at about start time expecting another under average quality day like the last few days .. them BLAMO .. today ends up being a relatively fantastic day for expired auctions. I won’t waste any more time, but definitely take the time to go through today’s list twice .. then also search the raw lists yourselves as there are some gems today. I’ve kept a small number for myself and already picked up one I’m very happy with! Have a good one!
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