2018 Nov 04 – 358 Auction Domain Names

WARNING: Auctions start an hour earlier for most because GoDaddy does not account for Daylight Savings Time!

I’m on a mission to hunt Bill Gates and the entire State of Arizona! The hour change is a mess for me because I need to account for the hour change in my formulas since Arizona doesn’t change their hour and GoDaddy doesn’t follow the rest of the daylight savings world. Add to that whenever you try to copy paste time formulas to substract an hour, it goes into formatting hell and spits out decimals. After 30 minutes of frustration I finally decided to copy/paste into notepad and then copy back into a text field .. even then it didn’t work a couple of times as excel tried to reformat the new cells! Anyhow .. here are today’s auctions!
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2018 Nov 04 – 686 Closeout Domain Names

Here is Sunday’s closeout domain names list. With my tendinitis and need for extra sleep my lists have been slightly shorter the last few days. Combine that with a higher percentage of domains from my auction lists that are getting picked up, and it makes for a pretty sharp drop in the number of domains on my closeout list.

Over the last couple of years I’ve noticed various trends like that. All it takes is one or two big buyers to go on vacation for a lot more domains to go to closeout. While at the same time, all it takes is one or two new buyers with deep pockets and we could end up with more domains being bought at auction or early closeout. Which might not initially seem like a good thing for people who like to buy domains for cheap .. but on the other end of it, it means there is more demand for domains .. which at the end of the day .. is a very good thing for the industry! That being said .. I wouldn’t judge the health of the entire industry based on a trend of just a few days .. so take all that with a very fine grain of salt! 😉
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