2022 Nov 01 – $5 Closeouts x 378

Finally was able to update the list the night before. We’re currently still in The Domain Social into our 6th hour of great domain discussions. Again, If you buy anything, please remember to send me your GoDaddy order number (it’s the only way I can truly verify if my affiliate links are actually working).


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2022 Oct 31 – $5 Closeouts x 175

There will be a Halloween Edition of The Domain Social today (4pm EST until late) .. hope to see you all there.

So I guess I need to admit to myself that I’ve started buying domains again! lol … I’ve gone a couple of days ahead with closeouts, so as a result I’ll be posting a couple more lists over the next couple of days. At some point soon I’ll likely stop and either stop completely, or get back to my old vastly more complete process with both auctions and closeouts. One part of that decision will be based on the response I get with these lists here. So again, please help me out by doing the following:

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2022 Oct 30 – Closeout Test #7

There will be at least one more day after this list. If you buy anything, please remember to send me your GoDaddy order number (the only way I can truly verify if my affiliate links are actually working).

Most domains are today’s $5 closeouts. They will start to disappear throughout the auction day (between noon and 5:30pm Eastern Time). Also remember these are just domains I found noteworthy .. they are not automatically investment worthy .. definitely do your own due diligence and research.


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2022 Oct 28 – $5 Closeouts (Link Test 5 of 5)

This will likely be the last test list. I might post a few lists randomly from time to time as I’m still undecided on if I’ll bring back the list permanently or not. Getting back to those old (much longer) lists would still require a lot of ground-work to set-up my old routine. I might also test/explore a private list option at some point, so definitely send me an email if you want to stay informed. Also, here’s how you can help me out in general:

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2022 Oct 27 – $5 Closeouts (Relaunch Test #4 of 5)

This will likely be the 2nd to last test list. Here’s how you can help out:

1- Click and use the (affiliate) links in my lists.
2- Email me the GoDaddy Order Number of your purchase(s).
Send email to admin (at) NameCult {dot} com.
(I don’t see specific domains people buy, so while I do enjoy you telling me what you bought, I can only check my links work if you send me your ORDER NUMBER(S).
3- Help support my community projects.
– Subscribe to The Domain Social: TheDomainSocial.com/subscribe
– Subscribe, watch, like and comment on my YouTube videos: video.TheDomainSocial.com
4- Follow me on Twitter: @NameCult | @TheDomainSocial

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2022 Oct 24 – A Few $5 Closeouts as a Test

Hi everyone. I know it’s been forever. Since the previous list, I’ve hosted The Domain Social (meet-ups on Zoom that you are all welcome to join by subscribing at http://TheDomainSocial.com), I’ve also produced TWO online domain conferences (one for industry legend Page Howe, and then my own 9 day event with 50 awesome experts at http://DomainerWeek.com). You can view much of the video I’ve produced on YouTube at http://video.TheDomainSocial.com

As for today’s mini closeout list. I’m just testing things out today and likely a couple more days as I randomly got curious about how the auctions and closeouts have been doing. I am far from a firm decision on if I’ll be bringing back my super lists I used to post here.

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