2019 Feb 22 – 445 Auction Domain Names

My MRI went rather well yesterday. It was feet first .. so in fairness I really didn’t even have a chance to feel any of claustrophobia some people feel. The worst part was being told not to move at all for 25 minutes .. and then to get an itchy nose after just 3 minutes .. pure willpower I tell you! lol .. Anyhow .. running a bit late, so I’ll spare you all with the rest of the details. Nice day for auctions today .. and I posted a lot of names .. so get to it and find some gems! 🙂
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2019 Feb 21 – 416 Auction Domain Names

Later on I’m actually going for an MRI for my knees. Everyone is asking me if I’m nervous and each time I’m like .. am I supposed to be? I though it was just a slightly longer x-ray type of thing .. maybe it’s best I don’t Google it until after it’s done! lol .. Truth is .. I’m always worried about doctor’s appointments .. but it’s only stressing about waking up on time .. lol .. thankfully this one is quite late.

Back on topic .. a fairly good day today in terms of names .. I got through the names last night, so all that was left was to go back over names with bids to update the list. Have a good one everyone! 🙂
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