20180819 – 340 Auction Domains

So I survived my friends’ wedding. Got home rather late but still gave Steamie a 2.5+ hour walk after getting back very late. So was a little slow to start the day today. Next up, going to take the little guy out for a huge day outside .. I think I need it as well. Still living in a mountain of boxes with no hot water. Hopefully get some answers on Monday! Til then, enjoy the end of your weekends everyone!
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20180818 – 350 Auction Names

A handful of 4L .biz today (I only posted 2 of them). I don’t deal in those and not sure if anyone does, but if you do, then click the GoDaddy link in my signature and go do a search! Aside from that I have a wedding today, so taking Steamie for a big walk now and another after I get back tonight. Tomorrow is supposed to be a perfect day out so I’ll be treating the little guy to a huge day outside. I’m ahead a day on my list scanning, so tomorrow’s list should be normal (if I survive the wedding), but Monday’s might be a little shorter than usual. Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂
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