2018 Nov 25 – 326 Auction Domain Names

A lot of crypto domains today. Particularly LLcrypto.com and LLblockchain.com. I didn’t bother them as it would simply flood the list. Plus unless the 2-letter prefix has a specific crypto centric meaning, then it’s really a crap-shoot. A little late today and I didn’t go as deep as usual into the lists, as I’m still running around for my mom and little Steamie seems to at the tail end of having some kind of bug. Have a great end to your weekends everyone.
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2018 Nov 24 – 413 Auction Domain Names

It’s a miracle I’m posting today’s list. Last few weeks I slept tons, but last few days have been a mess. Mom is back in the hospital for what is essentially unknown at this time. I had my physio for my knee today then got a call from her, so rushed to her place in cab and took her to emergency where I spent most of the day minus a hour to rush back home to feed Steamie and let him out a few minutes. Got home again after midnight and was going to post a short list, but managed to get a lot of names fast .. probably a little too stressed to sleep. I have to see another doctor for my knee tomorrow and go back to the hospital. What all that means is that there’s a good chance I could miss tomorrow’s lists. My mom was doing better when I left, so it could also be fine. Anyhow, those of you celebrating Thanksgiving weekend definitely be thankful for your health and that of your loved ones.
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2018 Nov 23 – 354 Auction Domain Names

I was super tired and wanted to just put up a short list today. But despite initially being a little picky I ended up with about 350 domain names. Figure a lot of people running around looking for Black Friday bargains, there’s a chance there might be less people bidding at auction today … which in turn means cheaper domains (hopefully .. lol). Anyhow, if you’re thankful for the lists, please do remember to use the links. Have a great weekend everyone .. be careful in the Black Friday crowds for those of you in the USA!
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