2019 Jan 21 – 315 Auction Domain Names

Have been posting late the last couple of days. Unfortunately I’m in the middle of renovations from my flooding last summer. To make things more complicated there are issues/disagreements between myself, the condo association and each of our insurances. Along with everything else going on in my life it really is leaving little time for domaining these days! Hope you all have a better week than me! 🙂
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2019 Jan 19 – 447 Auction Domain Names

A bit late today as I slept about 15-16 hours. Been an insane week sealing with my knees, renovations half-starting, insurances and condo issues and confrontations, tracking down problems from an old business, computer problems, work (my actual real-world job), lions and tigers and bears, etc … totally exhausted .. a miracle I’ve still been posting here! At least I’m off this weekend .. going to try to relax.
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