2019 Jan 02 – 377 Auction Domain Names

As mentioned when I posted today’s closeouts. A huge percentage of domains from my lists have been taken from my list at auction before they ever make it to my closeout list. For type of domains you used to be able to get at closeout, I suggest you start paying attention to their auctions. Still some good ones make it through the cracks .. but not nearly as good or as many as before 2-3 weeks ago when this started.
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2019 Jan 02 – 553 Closeout Domain Names

For the last two weeks or so there seems to be someone who is buying ALL .com domain names from my list with a GoDaddy valuation of above $1600. It’s really affecting the quality of available closeouts. I definitely recommend those of you looking for solid names to track them at auction, sometimes people put in the initial $12 in advance, but then don’t come back to bid again if you beat their bit in the last few minutes of the auction. This is good in a way in that there’s more wholesale demand on domains, meaning that in theory there’s more liquidity and liquidation value for your portfolio .. but obviously it also means that it costs a bit more to get acquisitions.
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