2019 Jan 01 – 510 Closeout Domain Names

Here are Tuesday’s closeouts a little early. Fells weird writing 2019 .. feels like 2018 barely started a couple of weeks ago.

Domaining was just about the only thing to go well for me in 2018. As for the rest, it’s been a real disaster with my flooding (and ongoing insurance issues), knee issues, mother’s operation, Steamie being sick, and a couple other things I’m not going to get into on here. I’m glad it’s over and am looking forward to 2019.

On that note, once again I’ll wish each of you a fantastic 2019 full of good health, good times and good domain sales! 🙂
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2018 Dec 31 – 377 Auction Domain Names

I think my new years resolution is going to be to go to bed earlier … lol. Who am I kidding .. that’s not going to happen! Seriously though, support from people actually clicking and using the links in my lists has actually gone down lately, so my actually resolution should be to stop doing the blog and lists to instead focus on my own portfolio. That being said, I think I’m going to give it a longer, although I’m definitely going to be making some changes to give preferential treatment to those who actually use my affiliate links when they make purchases at GoDaddy. I really do enjoy doing the blog and making/sharing the lists .. I just need to figure out a way to actually make it worth my time.

Anyhow … wishing each of you a fantastic New Years and a prosperous 2019!

All the best!
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2018 Dec 28 – 338 Auction Domain Names

Yesterday I mentioned I got $$$$ in the bank for a domain I sold via Afternic last week … then this morning I received an email from Sedo about them receiving the money for a domain I sold on the same day last week. Because so much can happen, in my mind I never really consider a sale final until the money is actually in my account, but very happy about having my first TWO-Domain 4-figure sale day (I think it was last Wednesday when both sales were done).

This all makes me very hopeful for 2019 and what’s to come for my portfolio and domains. I’ve actually been a very bad domainer due to all the craziness in my life the last couple of years. A large portion of my portfolio isn’t priced optimally .. and more importantly, most aren’t listed at every marketplace they should be. That’s the main reason why I’ve been considering wholesaling a portion of my portfolio … but I’m still getting sales despite not being optimal with my listings .. so maybe the solution is to actually buy more so I can have enough to justify doing this full time? lol .. Decision decisions … If any of you want to give me a Christmas present maybe I could use some gift certificates for some form of Domain Therapy! lol
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2018 Dec 27 – 385 Auction Domain Names

Every day you get an email from Afternic saying “We’ve sent you a pay for …” is usually a good day. I’m pretty happy as with the holidays, even if I sold the domain last week, I was not expecting payment until after the holidays. I’ll share more info in the next couple of days when I have a bit more time.

As for today’s names. It’s a good solid day. I had a positive vibe doing the lists (it was mostly before I got the above email .. lol). Keep taking advantage of the holiday season as usually less people are around bidding which means higher probabilities of getting domains cheaper than you normally would have.
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