2024 Feb 29 – 2187 Closeout Domains

I had too much going on personally yesterday to put up a list. Today’s a bit crazy as well, but I should be able to put up a list (with lots of new names) in about an hour or so (likely around or slightly after noon Eastern Time).

UPDATE: Put up the $5 and $11 closeouts earlier. I just added the $30 closeouts. Given everything going on, that’s it for today as I need to head back to the hospital to visit my mom (some minor complications to her hip replacement is extending her stay there, it’s a lot of short term pain for hopefully long term gain, she’s taking it pretty well, but I’ll be happy when she’s out, and more importantly, walking again).

Unless something goes wrong, I should be hosting “Talking Domains” tonight on ClubHouse at 6pm Eastern, be sure to join us. I’m not 100% sure yet, but I’ll likely cancel tomorrow’s session of The Domain Social as I just have too much going on with my family health situations. I’ll send out an email tonight either way.

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2024 Feb 27 – 3715 Closeout Domains

For those asking, my mom’s hip replacement operation went according to plan. I’ll be with her quite a bit next couple of weeks and dealing with the other ongoing family health issues with my father and step-mother. I have some advice for all of you … DON’T GET OLD!

While the whole situation sucks, as I wrote that I thought to myself that that would make a great phrase domain. Plus it sounded familiar. Sure enough .. I own the .com (… and just upped the price)!

Have a healthy day everyone!

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2024 Feb 24 – 2247 Closeout Domains

Yesterday’s session of The Domain Social was fantastic. In addition to the great and helpful group of domainers we always get, we also had execs from both SquadHelp and GoDaddy sharing tons of great and helpful information. I’ll likely have another one next Friday again as long as the family health issues aren’t too out of control.

In terms of domains, I’ve grabbed some really great ones over the past few days. Also, a big thanks to those of you who sent me emails to help me confirm my links are tracked. I’m pretty tired from all the hours frying my eyeballs going through the long list of expiring domains though.

I do have a few other priorities, but I don’t think I’ll stop completely. Just don’t expect the 7-800 new closeouts added each day I’ve been adding the last few days. I also have a few things to test, so those who want to help, simply send me an email to join my mailing list as I’ll probably give access to exclusive lists as thanks to those who help.

On that note .. it’s nap time … Zzzzzz 😉

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2024 Feb 23 – 2066 Closeout Domains

A bit late again today, but I’m happy to say I grabbed some amazing domains (I know that doesn’t help any of you .. lol .. but plenty more domains in the sea).

I’m hosting a session of The Domain Social today at 4pm Eastern (1pm Pacific on Zoom. Be sure to subscribe to be sent an email (at start time) with this week’s Zoom link. Today’s meeting will not be recorded and we usually stay on for 3-4 hours (you can join us at any time as long as you have the Zoom link.

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2024 Feb 22 – 2305 Closeout Domains

Steamie (the Hot Dog) and I had a very nice start to the day yesterday with a nice walk in unusually high (for February) temperatures with some nice sunshine. But he’s had some serious health issues since last Summer and he wasn’t doing too well last night. So instead of taking time for today’s list, I relaxed on the couch with him snuggled next to me.

I got up a little later than I was hoping to this morning, so didn’t get as deep into the list as I would have liked (especially coming of of yesterday’s mediocre list). I still managed to add 564 domains to the list. But those are in the more obvious areas, where most of the best ones were already taken at auction (before even moving to closeouts).

Where my lists usually shine (when I have time), is when I get to go much deeper into the raw closeout expiration list into areas most other people don’t have the time, experience or energy to look.

That said, these few days are more of an experiment. As some of you know, I’ve had a lot of stress in my life for quite some time due to serious family health issues, and they aren’t over yet. I also have other “domain plans”, so I might focus on some of those things shorter term, and either stop the lists (probably just temporarily), or continue but only put a max of 2 hours into it rather than 4+ hours per day (I do need to redo all my old systems, shortcuts and partial automation, so that will help eventually).

Anyhow, I hope you all manage to find some decent stuff. There’s definitely treasure down there in my list .. just a little less than usual .. but get cracking .. there be gold in d’em hills! 😉

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2024 Feb 21 – 2412 Closeout Domains

Strange list today. I had an insane few days, and things are calming a bit for rest of the week (relatively). But my mind was mush as I was going through the big list of names. Felt like it wasn’t as good as last couple of days and I just clicked on some I otherwise wouldn’t have had because I wasn’t focused. Still some good ones in thee though. Happy hunting.

THE DOMAIN SOCIAL & TALKING DOMAINS: I’m hosting the usual session of The Domain Social this Friday on Zoom at 4pm Eastern (1pm Pacific), be sure to join myself and others as we discuss all things domains (go to TheDomainSocial.com to subscribe to be emailed the Zoom link each week). This Thursday I’ll also be hosting Talking Domains on ClubHouse as Jeff and Todd continue their break. Hope to see you later this week.

Woohoo, just got payment for me 2nd domain sale in 2 weeks as I wrote the above .. hope it brings luck to all of you! 🙂

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