2023 Feb 27 – No Update

Hi gang. My reno stuff preparations are taking up a lot of time so no list today. There should be at about 75% of yesterday’s list still available (about $10 cheaper than yesterday).

Also, it seems my email has has triggered some sort of block at GMail, so those of you with GMail please email me with an alternate email if you want me to continue mailing you for future lists. Also please try to email me from your GMail as well to see if it helps show them I’m legit. Thanks.

2023 Feb 23 – 2612 Closeout Domains

I spent several hours after work grabbing about 1000 first day closeout domains while testing a few things out. There are also about 700 first day closeouts that I didn’t have time to add to yesterday’s list. So there should be over 1700 more new domains listed overall. I’ve included all from $5 to $50.

Remember that if a domain is currently too expensive for you, the price goes down about $10 each day (from $50 to $40 to $30 to $11 and then to $5), but if you wait too long, someone might grab it before you. Set a budget and be careful not to overpay/overspend.

I’ve also forwarded CloseoutDomains.com here. While it’s a bit longer, it’s also a bit easier to remember. There will also be a session of The Domain Social tomorrow on Zoom, please come and join in the fun and sharing of domain info, sales, tips and news. Subscribe to get the access link at: TheDomainSocial.com

I have some serious renos coming up, so I’ll likely wind this test phase down in a couple of days. I’m on the fence as to if I’ll return my full lists again (possibly including auctions). If you’d like me to continue, please get in touch with overall feedback, and definitely read the below on how to help support my time at no cost to you.

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2023 Feb 22 – 1148 Closeout Domains

I managed to get tomorrow’s list up early (which also means I didn’t have time to remove some of the taken domains). Hopefully it helps you all find more links. I really appreciate those of you who have reached out to me with feedback and words of support and encouragement. Ultimately my final decision on whether to bring back the lists (closeouts and possibly auctions) will be based on if people use it or not. So please get in touch and let me know your thoughts.

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