WARNING: The ngTLD and ccTLD Fallacy and Trap

I’m writing this as the .VC tld is about to try to get their domain extension on the .CO and .IO bandwagon with a deep discount sale. While these are technically ccTLDs (Country Code Top-Level Domains) and not actual ngTLDs (New Generic Top-Level Domains), they, along with others like .TV, .ME, .GG, .AI and the afore mentioned .CO and .IO. have been repurposed into more generic non-geo-specific domain extensions (although some have been repurposed into very narrow specific niches not much wider than their original geo-specific intent).

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Are You Ready For An Explosion In Domain Sales?

Donald Trump’s recent anger at Twitter and talk of his government potentially closing various social media companies down would have a monumental ripple effect on the domain industry.

What most of the world missed, hidden in the financial crash of 2008, was that it wasn’t just regular businesses that closed because of that crisis. Right around the same time is when Facebook took off at a viral rate the world had never seen before. However, in doing so, it killed thousands upon thousands of smaller niche communities as eyeballs jumped to Facebook where you essentially could keep in touch and keep tabs on anyone you knew online.

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ICANN Proposed Amendment #3 is Censorship on the World, a Threat to Democracy and Strengthens a Monopoly

Open comment to ICANN submitted 2020-Feb-14 @ 23:58 UTC

Dear Members, Board Members, Employees and Advisors of ICANN,

I write to you today in hopes to make you aware of the potential damage your Proposed Amendment #3 will do to the Internet Community as a whole, as well as to all the citizens of the world.  Before doing so, I feel I need to quote something to serve as a reminder some of you seem to have forgotten:

In performing its Mission, ICANN must operate in a manner consistent with these Bylaws for the benefit of the Internet community as a whole” – ICANN BYLAWS 1.2a (First Sentence)

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Turning $10,000 into $1,000,000 in 6 Years of Domaining

I had a few recent discussions that involved the theoretical math behind portfolio projections and expected profits (or losses). In such situations, instead of guessing or pulling numbers out of a hat, I generally do the actual math before coming to a final conclusion.

So over the last few days when I’ve gotten tired of going through the master domain lists to produce my daily lists here at NameCult, I switch over to a growingly complex Excel spreadsheet I’ve been developing that completely pulls apart all the numbers and puts them back together to give a long term portfolio projection of when you’ll reach ONE MILLION DOLLARS based on your current buying habits and average sales.

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