2023 Feb 27 – No Update

Hi gang. My reno stuff preparations are taking up a lot of time so no list today. There should be at about 75% of yesterday’s list still available (about $10 cheaper than yesterday).

Also, it seems my email has has triggered some sort of block at GMail, so those of you with GMail please email me with an alternate email if you want me to continue mailing you for future lists. Also please try to email me from your GMail as well to see if it helps show them I’m legit. Thanks.

2022 Oct 28 – $5 Closeouts (Link Test 5 of 5)

This will likely be the last test list. I might post a few lists randomly from time to time as I’m still undecided on if I’ll bring back the list permanently or not. Getting back to those old (much longer) lists would still require a lot of ground-work to set-up my old routine. I might also test/explore a private list option at some point, so definitely send me an email if you want to stay informed. Also, here’s how you can help me out in general:

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2022 Oct 27 – $5 Closeouts (Relaunch Test #4 of 5)

This will likely be the 2nd to last test list. Here’s how you can help out:

1- Click and use the (affiliate) links in my lists.
2- Email me the GoDaddy Order Number of your purchase(s).
Send email to admin (at) NameCult {dot} com.
(I don’t see specific domains people buy, so while I do enjoy you telling me what you bought, I can only check my links work if you send me your ORDER NUMBER(S).
3- Help support my community projects.
– Subscribe to The Domain Social: TheDomainSocial.com/subscribe
– Subscribe, watch, like and comment on my YouTube videos: video.TheDomainSocial.com
4- Follow me on Twitter: @NameCult | @TheDomainSocial

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2022 Oct 24 – A Few $5 Closeouts as a Test

Hi everyone. I know it’s been forever. Since the previous list, I’ve hosted The Domain Social (meet-ups on Zoom that you are all welcome to join by subscribing at http://TheDomainSocial.com), I’ve also produced TWO online domain conferences (one for industry legend Page Howe, and then my own 9 day event with 50 awesome experts at http://DomainerWeek.com). You can view much of the video I’ve produced on YouTube at http://video.TheDomainSocial.com

As for today’s mini closeout list. I’m just testing things out today and likely a couple more days as I randomly got curious about how the auctions and closeouts have been doing. I am far from a firm decision on if I’ll be bringing back my super lists I used to post here.

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