2019 Apr 15 – 938 Closeout Domain Names

Here are Monday’s closeouts. I’ve added a direct Estibot link to the results for the specific domain for some of the listings. Hope you find them helpful!

Also, I’m going to start PHASE 1 of the NameCult VIP Service which includes advanced lists and email notifications. At the moment I have no thoughts of charging for anything directly .. it’s for those of you who actually click my links before buying domains at GoDaddy, I’ll be testing it out late this week with those of you who have already sent me some of your GoDaddy order numbers. If you haven’t so far, please email me (lists /at| name cult /dot| com) the dates and order numbers of purchases you made at GoDaddy AFTER clicking on my links below. If you don’t click my links directly before making purchases, now’s the time to start, it doesn’t cost you anything, and it helps me pay for little Steamie’s treats! 🙂

Thanks again to all of you who support my work by clicking the links! 🙂
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